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Sep 13, 2009 6:30pm EDT
into votes. >> reporter: natalie, the issue that has most divided democrat in the president's own party is the so-called public option. today white house aides and the president himself in an interview said while they favor a public option, it should not be the make or break issue that determines the fate of reform. natalie? >> mike, tomorrow the president will deliver a speech on wall street on the one-year anniversary of the collapse of lehman brothers. can you give us a preview of his message? >> reporter: the president is going to walk a very fine line. first of all, he wants to tout all the reforms that have been put in place that he says will have brought the country back from the brink of a depression to now on the path of recovery. on the other hand, he does not want to appear too overconfident. there are those who say the stimulus package should not be fully spent. there's only about $300 billion of the $787 billion that's so far been obligated. he also wants to keep the pressure on congress for his financial reform package. that is now stalled in committee. natalie? >> mike vi
Sep 16, 2009 9:00am EDT
washington and other places to join us here in the 9:00 hour. >> yeah. >> nice to have you. natalie's at the news desk and you're going to help out in the next couple days. >> yeah, i'm excited. >> so far, so good? >> so far, so good. but al was a little mean to me earlier. >> and your point is? >> i don't know, are you going to spank him for me? >> where are you going with this? >> and nora's off to a rousing start. >> someone in the audience said he made a house for my son jack that he thought i could live in. that would be great. >> i got you a little piece of property. >> very nice. thank him for that. >>> coming up, ben bernanke, the fed chairman, says we're probably coming out of the recession, but a lot of people are still going to be feeling the aftereffects. we've got our team of experts on hand to answer your questions in our "money 911." we'll get to that shortly. >>> also, everybody knows you two are about the best dressed guys out there. >> flattery will get you everywhere. >> hollywood on the edge of their seats because "people" magazine is out with its picks of the be
Sep 15, 2009 7:00am EDT
of the rest of the morning's top stories from natalie who's over at the news desk while ann is next to me here. natalie, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt and ann and good morning to you. the iraqi reporter who threw a shoe at then president george w. bush is free today. he was released this morning after spending nine months in a baghdad jail. he says he was beaten and tortured with electric shocks during his first days in custody. he's considered a hero in the arab world after flinging his shoe at the former president during a news conference last december. >>> u.s. envoy george mitchell is in the mideast today meeting with israeli and arab leaders. he urged benjamin netanyahu to stop building israeli settlements in the west bank. >>> officials say there was no threat to new york city after an fbi terror raid on three residences in queens on monday. at least one person was arrested. >>> investors watching retail sales this morning. trish regan is at the new york stock exchange. trish, wall street is hoping consumers are back to spending especially with back to school. >> they sure a
Sep 18, 2009 7:00am EDT
of the morning's top stories. natalie morales is sitting in at the news desk. >> good morning, everyone. president obama's decision to revise the u.s. missile defense strategy in europe is drawing both praise and criticism. this morning russian prime minister vladimir putin called the move right and brave. and nato's secretary-general said it was a positive step. on thursday the president announced he is scrapping the bush administration's controversial plan to set up permanent systems in eastern europe opting instead for a more mobile strategy. many republicans are critical of the decision, though, saying the move empowers iran and sends a message of weakness to eastern european allies. >>> and a programming note for you, be sure to watch "meet the press" this sunday. david gregory is one on one with president obama. >>> investigators are returning to the home of phillip and nancy garrido today africa davr dogs indicated they smelled something behind the house. this as we get our first look inside the home. nbc's george lewis has more. >> reporter: the photos were shot by the county bu
Sep 4, 2009 9:00am EDT
studio 1a i'm natalie morales with lester holt and jenna wolf. matt and ann are off. >> doesn't it seem like just yesterday? >> sad. >> where did it go? >> you blink and you missed it, right? >>> a lot coming up in this next hour. family and close friends of michael jackson gathered thursday night to pay their final respects as michael was finally laid to rest more than two months after his death. we'll have much more on michael's fun ral just ahead. >>> also ahead, moving on here, mental health. do you remember where your car keys are? >> i don't know where my car is. >> yeah. i've done that before. well, keeping your mind and body active your whole life is critical to keeping your mind sharp as you age. so we're going to get into great tips for boosting your memory whether you're in your 30s, 40s or 50s. >>> now, this is interesting. natalie will know what i'm talking about you. you may not, lester. do you order differently if you're eating with girls or a group of guys? you probably don't even think about it. >> healthier with girls for sure. >> that's actually different. there's new
Sep 17, 2009 9:00am EDT
.com. >> that should be fun. look forward to meeting some young people. before we go further let's go inside. natalie in the news desk while ann on assignment. ann is reviewing iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. you'll see it on "nightly news" this eing. >> as we've been reporting an arrest has been mayed in the killing of grad student annie le. jeff rossen joins us from new haven, connecticut. jeff, what's the latest? >> reporter: hi, natalie this happened a bit ago. earlier this morning police pulled into a super 8 hotel around 30 miles from yale campus. that's where ray clark arrested for this murder of annie le. is now in single custody with a single charge of murder. you see the police arriving at the hotel. here's a yale lab animal technician who worked with annie le. there's no evidence of romantic relationship. they would not discuss anything about the motive. they collected close to 300 pieces of evidence. and a $3 million bond has been issued. they also say they do not have any other suspects. it's lieutenant important to note that at the moment that ray clark is being arrested. police
Sep 21, 2009 7:00am EDT
on the plaza, i'm matt lauer, along with natalie morales and al roker. coming up in this half-hour, a serious and controversial subject -- ever since reial hunter's daughter was born 18 or 19 months ago there had been accusations that that man right there, former senator and presidential candidate, john edwards, was the father of that baby. he has always denied that allegation but now some new allegations have surfaced. might he change his story? we'll have more on that in just a little while. >>> also, it is an important day today. world alzheimer's day. as you know if you have a family member or you yoursel are 03?is f for patients. 'umbers are exploding. we're going to tell you how to recognize the symptoms and also share some coping strategies for families. it actually puts caregivers at high risk for their own psychological and physical problems as well. can be a really difficult disease for the whole family to deal with. >>> a little bit later on, love or money. it is probably the number one stresses in the relationship when you talk about cash, especially when cash is scar, tension can
Sep 1, 2009 9:00am EDT
, natalie, since ann is off, a check of headlines. >> in the news this morning, firefighters say a change in the weather is what they need to get the upper hand on those california wildfires. nbc's miguel is in one hard hit los angeles area. i know there are big losses there. >> reporter: yeah, natalie. official number we have, good morning, is 53 homes have been destroyed. we know that number will be much larger in this one neighborhood nbc news has counted at least 35 homes. we know it will take firefighters some time when the sun comes up to get a firm grip on that number. meanwhile, 12,000 homes stand in the path of the fire or are threatened by the fire. 6,000 people evacuated. this fire has consumed more than 100,000 acres. it continues to burn in multiple directions. firefighters only have it 5% contained, which means 95% of this blaze is out of control. it will be a very tense morning and a very busy day for firefighters over the next week. >> miguel in los angeles, thank you for the update. >>> a programming note as well. brian williams will be reporting from the front lines of t
Sep 16, 2009 7:00am EDT
." th morning natalie's over at the news desk with the rest of the morning's top headlines. good morning to you. >>> good morning, everyone. this morning senate lawmakers will hold a closed-door meeting on afghanistan. it comes a day after admiral mike mullen called the war "more complicated." he said the u.s. would need to send in more troops in order to win a more sophisticated -- against a more sophisticated enemy. as many as 40,000 additional troops could be sent to help supplement the more than 60,000 already there in afghanistan. >>> meanwhile in iraq today, vice president joe biden meets with iraqi leaders in baghdad. he's urging them to put aside political differences so the country can have successful parliamentary elections in january. >>> fed chairman ben bernanke said tuesday that the recession was very likely over with consumer spending up slightly. but he said the recovery would likely be slow and not produce many jobs right now. >>> and that lack of jobs is a concern again on wall street. cnbc's trish regan is at the new york stock exchange. trish, what are we watching? >>
Sep 18, 2009 9:00am EDT
if we get to keep those? >> i hope so because they can't tell them to anybody else. >> natalie and nora o'donnell are in studio 1a. what's happening? >> what are you going to bring us back from the souvenir shop? >> here's one already for you, nat. >> i'll pass, al. >> your very own al roker jersey. >> love the cowboys but i don't think i can pull off the hat. thanks. i know you guys have been having a great time. they were surrounded by the cheerleaders. they've been on the big jumbotron there. they've been able to throw tosses out on the field. so matt, you get to take off, but al gets to stick around for more fun with us. >> that's right. i'm taking off. i'm catching a plane. and you're not too far behind. >> not really. i've got one more weather and then i'm going to be right there with you. >> we wish we could stay for the big game on sunday night, but we cannot. remember, it's here on nbc. cowboys versus the new york giants as they cut the ribbon on this stadium. ladies? >> all right. matt and al, matt, have a great trip back. and al, we'll see you in a little bit for your forecas
Sep 2, 2009 9:00am EDT
. always happy to have them out there. and they stick around for us all morning long. i'm natalie morales along with lester holt and amy, al is helping out with the fires out in california. matt and ann are off today. meanwhile, speaking of the fires in california, the largest fires have now burned more than 125,000 acres. and keep in mind the peak of the fire season hasn't even really started yet. we'll be checking in with al and getting the latest from him coming up in just a minute. >> yeah, those santa ana winds haven't kicked up. that usually comes later in the fall. >> how the winds picked up and how in the middle of it, the situation can become really precarious. >> i've been out there, it happens like that. >> turns on a dime. >>> also the kidnapping case of jaycee dugard held 18 years and forced to bear two children before being rescued and reunited with her family. the story sends a chill down the spines of parents. a father who's been there will offer advice for keeping your families safe. we'll hear from ed smart, the father of elizabeth who was taken and held for nine months
Sep 3, 2009 9:00am EDT
1 s an. i'm natalie morales. >> you think of someone talking into their sleeve when you hear security. >> coming up in this half hour, switching gears, after spending 18 years in captivity, jaycee lee diougard was reunited with r family and new for the first time, he aunt is speaking out about the reunion and what life for jaycee and her daughters was like then and now and some of the things she had to say were incredible. >> answers questions in a positive way. >>> what to do if you suspect someone you love is going abused. from the murder of model jasmine f fiore, to chris brown who admitted to beating up rihanna, domestic abuse is a problem that could hit any family. we'll tell you how to spot the signs an help someone you love. >> every day, we face many issues that cause us stress, but do you need the place you live to add to that? whether it's low employment or whether you spend most of your life commuting, we'll tell you the most stressful cities to live in in america and you would be surprised to hear about the least stressful city in america is. >> she knows. >> i kn
Sep 9, 2009 9:00am EDT
's your latest weather. natalie? >> al, thank you. >>> now to a miracle rescue. 49-year-old father of two jim williamson was out for a training run in the rugged mountains of utah last week when he slipped and fell into a cany cany canyon crevasse. pulling off a series of daring helicopter landings with only inches to spare, the rescue squad lifted him to safety. jim is with us this morning along with the guys who saved his life, terry mercer, helicopter pilot with the utah department of public safety, and lieutenant corey polcifer from the washington county sheriff's office. good morning to all of you. >> morning. >> what an incredible story. when i heard about this, i said you've got to be kidding me. jim, you're out there for a run, and you get swiped by a car, right, that pushes you into a crevasse? you got hit? >> i have no idea. >> you don't remember? >> i was running, and everything was fine. the temperature was relatively mild, low 90s. i was just working my way down a gradual slope, wasn't difficult or anything like that. >> so what happened? >> i don't remember. >> you don't rem
Sep 7, 2009 7:00am EDT
morning. i'm natalie morales on this labor day. >> i'm lester holt. matt and meredith have the morning off. natalie, happy labor day to you. >> we're laboring away. >> cape cod great white sharks. didn't we see this movie? >> i'm struck with fear. i'm thinking'o i have a triathl in a couple weeks, not in cape cod but in the atlantic ocean. i'm pretty scared. >> that's part of the atlantic ocean. >> exactly. yeah. i'm hearing that theme music definitely as i practice my swim. >> we'll tell you more about that story coming up. >>> also this morning, with sliding poll numbers and shrinking support for its health care reform plan, some critics are calling this a make-or-break week for president obama. it's already off to a rough start following the resignation of his administration's environmental advisor, van jones. h his controversial statements had become a liability to the ed administrati administration. >>> a florida man went to a bank. the teller told him they'd need his thumb print. but steve has two prosthetic arms, therefore no thumb prints. he'll tell us what happened next. >>> with
Sep 23, 2009 6:11pm EDT
with symptoms for years. and her parents, natalie and stefan, have watched their little girl confront this very big disease. keeping sophie healthy has become a way of life for the o'reilly family. to prevent a serious incident, inhalers, pills, and oxygen monitors are all part of the daily routine from early in the morning till late at night. to find out how health care is working for middle-class families today, we came here to the middle of america. in fact, you can't get much more central than tulsa. it's a mere 80 miles from the midpoint between new york and los angeles. like many americans, before their problems began, the o'reillies never thought much about health insurance. >> i say to people pretty frequently-- because they're like, my plan works great for me. and my answer to that is, "insurance works really well until you need it, until you really, truly need it. of. >> reporter: natalie orile sea social work wer a masters degree. husband stefan plays guitar for a successful rock band and owns a small recording studio. along with sophie's younger brother, felix, the family lives here
Sep 2, 2009 7:00am EDT
of the morning's stories. ann is off. natalie is sitting in. >> good morning-hurricane jimena is weakening but still packing a punch aimed at the baja peninsula. the storm was a category 3 when it brushed past the resort town of lohs cabos. it can now be seen from the international space station. >>> a bombing in afghanistan this morning killed at least 23 people including that country's deputy chief of intelligence. they were among a crowd of officials inaugurating a mosque. >>> ere is new information this morning about the pan am flight03 bomber who was released from prison last month. he is now in libya where people are marking moammar gadhafi's 40 years in power. our tom asheville is in tripoli. >> reporter: celebrations in tripoli. but a storm of protests in london as government documents showed britain wanted al megrahi released before he wdied of cancer. >> in response to that, i said we were not actively seeking his death in prison. >> reporter: the libyans have denied al megrahi was released for oil concessions to british companies. >> he was put on conditions. and released on rel
Sep 30, 2009 9:00am EDT
? >> unbelievable! >> i know, right? >> out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with the future predictor, natalie morales, and al roker. coming up this half hour, we're going to talk about this serious story. there was a huge earthquake out in the south pacific. it triggered a massive tsunami that affected samoa and parts of american samoa. the president has declared that u.s. territory a major disaster area. we're going to get the latest on that situation coming up in just a little while. >>> and then from our financial files, of course, it's wednesday, so that means it's "today's money 911." it means our team of experts getting ready to answer your money questions. among them -- should you borrow against your retirement savings plan? and how do you prepare for an impending job loss? we're going to get the answers to these and a lot of other questions. >>> also, an empowering guide for the working mom. studies show that a happy mom usually makes for a happy family, which makes a lot of sense. we're going to find out the secret to balancing a career and kids. can it really be done? can you have i
Sep 17, 2009 7:00am EDT
, natalie morales at the news desk with a check of the morn's top stories. >> good morning, meredith. today president obama tauts health care reform a day after the reform was introduced. chuck todd in chicago. does the white house have the votes to get bill passed? >> that's what this is about. in many kays the it's really politics of the pass when it comes to health care debate. the president is doing one-on-one lobbying. yesterday senator rockefeller is critical of the program introduced. he was called into the white house for a meeting to take his temperature and, frankly, for the president to say, hey, you're not going to get everything you want but i need your support here. now we're learning that the white house reached out to the massachusetts state legislature. they need them to change the law so the goff another can apoint a replacement for the late senator ted kennedy. that's how important every single vote is. that's why it's a one-on-one lobbying effort by the president. >> chuck todd at the white house. thank you, chuck. also it appearances the white house is abandoning a cont
Sep 1, 2009 7:00am EDT
off today so natalie morales is on duty at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. extremely dangerous hricane jimena is moving closer to baja, california, peninsula. with winds 150 miles an hour it is expected to start pounding the southern part of the peninsula late tonight. it's started kicking up high waves in the area. many tourists are rushing to get out. >>> today president obama gets briefed on swine flune preparedness and government response plans. since may swine flu has killed 500 americans. >>> the federal government has reached a deal to pay $9.5 million to acquire land in shanksville, pennsylvania for a flight 93 national memorial can be built. it is expected to be completed by the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. >>> former illinois governor g blagojevich claims rahm emanuel wanted his seat. a spokesperson is declining comment on what blagojevich wrote in his book. >>> new numbers should show how much cash for clunkers helped wall street. wall street will be paying close attention. erin burnett is at the new york stock exchange. what else are
Sep 4, 2009 7:00am EDT
hangs over jackson and his family. >> jeff rossen, thanks very much. >>> ann is off, so natalie morales is at the news desk. >> good morning, every. defense secretary robert gates says he may be willing to send more troops to afghanistan. he says president obama's efforts there are only now beginning to take effect and should be given time to succeed. meantime, officials in afghanistan say a nato air strike on high-deck fuel tankers killed at least 90 people during the night including 40 civilians. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in kabul. richard, what can you tell us about this? >> reporter: good morning, natalie. those fuel tanke were hijacked last night in northern afghanistan. and then identified this morning by nato forces. the taliban had actually gotten the truck stuck in the mud while crossing a river. and in an attempt to lighten the load, they began to distribute some of the diesel fuel that they had captured to other taliban fighters, also some civilians in the area. that's when the air strike took place. a local security official told us that at least 56
Sep 20, 2009 7:00am EDT
relief as natalie stole explains, scientists are trying to see if they can manipulate nature a little bit and turn things around. >> testing, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. >> reporter: these scientists fly right at thunderstorms, high-tech planting seeds in a cloud. to make them rain longer. >> reporter: a chemical that mimics ice crystals and travels through the storm, attracting super cooled water droplets. when they become too heavy, the ice falls and melts on its way down. more ice crystals mean more rain. back on the ground, scientists wait. >> the seeding happened right about here. we noticed that everything is still increasing as far as the liquid in the cloud. >> reporter: storms grow larger, but not stronger. they estimate over two times as much rainfall is from seeded clo clouds. >> because we don't create rain from thin air, we have to work with what's out there. >> we're seeding or modifying the weather on such a small scale. we know today, as we knew 20 years ago that you have to work with the hand that mother nature deals you. >> reporter: and in a severe drought,
Sep 23, 2009 7:00pm EDT
. a her parents, natalie and stefan, have watched their littleirl confront th very bigisease. keepg sophie healthy h become a way of life for the o'reilly famil to prevent a serious incide, inhalers, pills, and oxygen onitors are all part of the daily route from early in the morning till late at ght. to find out how healthare is workg for middle-class famies today, we came here to theiddle of america. in fact, you can't get much more central than tulsa. it's a mre 80 miles from the mipoint between new york and los angeles. like many amecans, before their problms began, the o'reillies never thght much about alth insurance. >> i say toeopleretty frequently-- because they' like, m plan worksreat for me. and my answero that is, "insurae works reallywell until youeed it,ntil you really,truly need it. of. >> reporr: natalie orile sea social work wer aasters gree. husband stefan plays guitar for a successfulock band and owns a small recording studio. along with sophie's younger brother, lix, the family lives here in aouse ju thr minutes from the hospil because access to medical care is their numb
Sep 8, 2009 9:00am EDT
here. i'm matt lauer along with natalie morales and al roker. and unfortunately this half hour we'll be talking about something we'll be talking about a lot over the next couple of months. and that is swine flu or h1n1. what about this report at washington state university, up to 2,200 students already infected there. with the vaccine a good month away. so we're going to go over some of the things you need to do again, and can't say it enough, wash your hands, then wash them again. very important. >> actually set up dorms that are just quarantine dorms. scary. speaking of health, we're going to take you inside the obama family's health regimen. we already know the president is famous for his workouts. so is the first lady with her buff arms. of course, this morning, an unprecedented look at what they actually do to keep in shape and live a healthy lifestyle while trying to teach their daughters good habits as well. so far seems like they're doing a great job. >> great example for the rest of us as well. >>> also, from healthy habits to your hair. you know, every woman knows it's a
Sep 14, 2009 9:00am EDT
really good talent. >> sign them for no money. >>> let's get a check of the news right now. natalie is standing by at the news desk in for ann. natalie? >> that's right, good morning, matt, ann and al. >>> good morning to you. the search for a missing bride-to-en has now turned into a search for her killer as investigators say ty believe they've found the botddy of yale graduatetudent annie le. nbc's jeff rossen is in new haven, connecticut with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. just horrible news for family and friends of annie le. police now say the body was stuffed inside of a wall in the basement of this research facility behind me on the yale campus. police now have a theory that whoever did this knew the building and knew it well. the timing is as awful as the outcome itself. on what was supposed to be annie le's wedding day, the happiest moment of her life, police found what they believe is her lifeless body stuffed inside a wall at this yale research lab. annie was lt seen on surveillance tape walking into this building at 10:00 a.m. tuesday with all the s
Sep 15, 2009 9:00am EDT
and natalie morales. coming up in just a moment, much more on an actor that personified romance in the late 1980s and then again in the early 1990s with roles in that movie we talked about "dirty dancing" and "ghost." he worked almost really till the end of his life. we'll look back at his career in just a couple of minutes. >> yeah, i think so many fans are very sad this morning to hear the news. and i know i feel like i grew up with him because those were the movies during my time. >> it's still kind of shocking to hear. >> yeah. >>> also ahead, we've got a story about weight. >> that's right. obesity rates for kids between 6 and 11 years old have more than quadrupled over the last 40 years. "today" trainer jillian michaels will answer many of your questions including how to tackle the battle of the bulge early on. a healthy weight for your kids and how to fix the perfect healthy breakfast they'll actually want to eat. >> news you can use. >>> also talking about kids a little later, we'll show you some of the best educational toys on the block. >>> but first, since ann had to leave a litt
Sep 8, 2009 12:00pm EDT
brown and natalie cole. >> the memorials in los angeles were done very well. we felt that the fans in the other parts of the world did not get a chance to feel and touch. >> jackson's siblings and children will be in vienna along with 65,000 fans. >>> and it is racing against the clock in san francisco for the oakland bridge. the repair crews went into labor overdrive over the weekend to fix a crack that popped up on the bridge. transportation officials said it was inspected in the nick of time. the bridge between san francisco and oakland is 73 years old and carries 260,000 vehicles each and every day. >>> astronauts on space shuttle discovery are waving good-bye to the international space station. the shuttle undocked today after a resupply visit. the discovery will bring home seven astronauts. >>> still ahead on eyewitness news at noon, as you look outside, stick around. the first warning weather forecast is 2.5 minutes away. >>> welcome back. take a look outside. it looks calm. we have seen some rain move through today. look at first warning doppler radar. we have more making i
Sep 6, 2009 9:00am EDT
in your home, natalie is here to show you ways to make your home more eco friendly. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you for joining us. >> we'ron ooin, -- we're online, one-stop shop company. we have the whole gamut of green products. >> this is fantastic. a great alternative to what we see around the place. >> this is a reusable bag. it is fabulous for so many different reasons. plastic bags are not biodegradable. we want people to reach out and purchase things of this sort. this carries two times the amount of the regular shopping bag you get some the grocery store. these are fantastic. a lot of peoples people forget their bag. it smalls up to a pouch, that you can toss into your purse or your bag. >> leave it in the car. >> they come in so many great stylish packs. this is from animal planet. you can't see it on tv. like the shape of a dog, a cat. others made out of bamboo, hemp. really great concepts as far as the bags. >> i could talk about the bags all day long. >> reusable water bolts. getting rid of the plastics. >> we carry all kinds. you will look for something
Sep 22, 2009 7:00pm EDT
the way to better health. the story from natalie morales. >> reporter: today, margaret is a vibrant and healthy 46-year-old. two years ago, she was suffering. >> i was on actually five different medicatis. one day, a friend of mine told me that i really needed to do something or i was not going to be around very much longer. >> reporter: at her heaviest, she weighed more than 255 pounds. she tried fad diets and occasionally exercised. nothing really stuck until she found dennis berry. >> very good, margaret. >> reporter: dennis gave her motivation and tools she needed to succeed with his program, power hit. >> the idea is to try to teach you there's more inside you. >>reporter: the high intensity work out combines cardio, weight and fitness training. it extends beyond margaret. he trained dozens for tree and on his own time. >> it's up to me to give you a chance, put you in a position to succeed. five more reps. >> reporter: after losing his moth to bone cancer in 2007, he made it his charge to reach out to women. with his support, margaret lost 90 points. she gained confidence and
Sep 14, 2009 7:00am EDT
. very tough case. >> it is. >>> to the news desk now for the other headlines of the morning, natalie's there. natalie, good morning. >>> good morning. exactly one year after the collapse of banking giant lehman brothers, president obama heads to wall street today to talk about where the economy stands and stricter regulations to keep a crisis like this from happening again. nbc's chief white house correspondent chuck todd is in washington. chuck, what's the president expected to say? >> reporter: well, he's going to try to do three things, natalie. number one, in many ways he wants to lay out the groundwork of how the government is going to unwind from its intervention in the financial sector. two, he's going to make a strong case for what is another piece of legislation he's trying to get passed this fall, a massive new regulation of the financial community. and three, a little bit of a lecture to wall street trying to warn them, hey, don't misread the moment just because things are stable now doesn't mean this system couldn't unravel quickly again. >> chuck, the president also tryi
Sep 3, 2009 7:00am EDT
to natalie, she's in for ann at the news desk and has a check of the top stories. >>> firefighters are making more progress against the massive wildfire north of los angeles. nbc's lee cowan is at the fire command center. lee, still a very long way to go there. >> yeah, natalie, still very long way. this is now officially the largest fire in l.a. county history, it's burned through more than 220 square miles an firefighters say they still have about 90 miles of fire lines they still have to dig. but as you say, they are making progress, a lot of mandatory evacuations have been lifted. some of the firefighters are actually being sent home today as well as for weather, cooler temperatures today, higher humidities will help and they are hoping to get those fixed wing aircraft back in to give firefighters on the ground the edge. >> lee cowan in los angeles, thank you, lee. >>> more than 50 students at emory university in atlanta have been diagnosed with swine flu and are living in their own dorm, kept away from other students while they recover. >>> the health department is investigating lewd beh
Sep 29, 2009 9:00am EDT
along with al roker and natalie morales out on the plaza. and coming up, we're going to talk about something that every american has to be interested in. >> that's right. a report just out yesterday said that the social security service will be in the red for the next two years. well, aside from it going broke, most americans don't fully understand the system. we'll tell you when you should start collecting depending on your circumstance, how it affects your taxes and what the odds are that social security will finally just run dry and just go away. >> not good news. >> something we all have to think about. >>> also, jobs, kids, partners. you know, life gets really busy. seems like your circle of friends actually starts to dwindle as you get older. you focus more on career and family, but -- ♪ you've got to have friends as the song goes. >> you should commit to it natalie, if you're going to sing. >> go ahead, al. >> no, no, i don't sing. >> needless to say, you have to commit to making friends and we'll show you how to make friends, especially in your 40s and older. you're going
Sep 15, 2009 9:00am EDT
there's no manual to refer to, no how-to guide, all trial and a lot of errors. natalie slater is here and she saw a need to help single parents. she started a brand new magazine called "single parent 101". how did you see the need? >> through friends and family and just people that you're in contact with. also, i'm a single mom. the publisher is a single dad. we knew first hand the need for some resources and help for single parents. >> the need in maryland, listen to this, according to the census, 200,000 single parent households in maryland possibly for 424,000 children. >> yes. >> 63,000 children are being raised by grandparents now. in 2007 approximately 40% of all births here in the united states were to unmarried women. so single moms need a lot of help. what do you help them with? >> single moms and dads. both need a lot of help. we help them in many different ways. that we are getting requests for financial help. advice. we have financial advisors and planners that can help them with financial, budgeting, what do i do now? >> secondhand shopping? >> yes. >> you have day trips
Sep 17, 2009 6:30pm EDT
out of the emergency room. natalie from texas writes, should we all start wearing face masks and should we keep away from flying until next summer? there's little evidence a mask can help you. they emphasize, the vast majority of cases are mild or moderate. the most important piece of advice is not to panic. robert bazell, nbc news, new york. >> one of our own was schooled today in proper sneeze etiquette. chuck todd came forth with a robust and productive sneeze. he swears he covered his nose with his hand. apparently it was not enough. >> i mean, what is that about. ? geez. i don't know. who's got purell? give mr. todd that. a little hand sanitizer. >> mr. todd says his 5-year-old daughter knows the correct way to sneeze. tonight, he's being schooled on this further. >>> when we continue in a moment, a genuine american hero who is not around to accept the thanks of a grateful nation. ford tough trucks! lt the ground starts rumblin' like you just struck oil, and you know what? you did hit pay-dirt cause it's ford truck month. an' leading this herd is the ford f-150. it's not
Sep 7, 2009 5:00am EDT
is natalie carter achieved over and turned into three and you can add prompting thousand dollars. a comfortable lead host km all the paperwork. prune their root this is an old era the old bell mobile. much oh this is from 1966. he put a price tag was inducted as a pressman and this is the point because it was one of the original path towards him build s car it was no. 9 bill price wise in were from capitol million to $1 million against. hate x can you drive it is even legal. we take this out and drive it every now and then. maybe once in a lifetime... there will be a car.. that creates a lasting impact... from one generation to the next... that story is next. lots of cars conjure up certain emotions but none quite like the corvette. g-m's legendary sportscar occupies a special place in the hearts and wallets for its drivers. that our lives unless i hear we are back outside volo with other corvette and there is no oospores carl like american sports car as legendary corvette traders of the motion for a strong first not only in the hearth also on their wallets. but when i was a you
Sep 15, 2009 4:30am EDT
together to mourn the death, a brutal, violent murder of one of their own. natalie powers was annie le's roommate. >> she was as good a human being as you'd ever hope to meet. she was always kind, generous, honest. oh. caring. and the list just keeps going. >> reporter: annie le was just 24 years old. the pharmacology student at yale. five days ago, she disappeared. her body was found in a campus building only accessible to university employees. >> it's also so very frightening to think in our safe community, something like this could happen. >> reporter: in silence, the students stood, trying to bring light to the darkness. and meaning to the senseless. >> that this horrible tragedy happened at all, is incomprehensible. but that it happened to her, i think is infinitely more so. >> again, that was jim dolan reporting. police don't believe a fellow student was involved in le's murder. >>> president obama hits the road again today, this time talking about economic recovery to workers in ohio and pennsylvania. he'll try to assure them the economy is coming back. john hendren is live in w
Sep 7, 2009 5:30am EDT
the apc touch. natalie del conte shows us what sets it apart. >> it has this swivel screen that turns around and slips down and you can take this styleus out and scribble notes to yourself or you can also use your finger to navigate the interface which is nice. for a first-generation gadget this is really impressive. it was not very sluggish. the touchscreen responsive though it could have been slightly faster. mostly a really nice effort for a brand new line of netbook. >> reporter: the computer sells for about $500. >>> finally, teaching twitter. while some people are still trying to figure out exactly what twitter is some college students will go in depth with the microblogging site this semester. chk chicago du paul university is offering a course focusing solely on twitter. students can evaluate reports by citizen journalists. the students will have cutting edge knowledge until the next big thing comes along. for information on all these stories log on to the technology page of those are your "tech bytes," i'm vinita nair. >>> it's labor day. that means tomorrow thin
Sep 15, 2009 12:00pm EDT
gathered to mourn and draw support from each other. natalie powers lived with le for two years. >> she was as good of a human being as you would ever hope to meet. >> the medical examiner was holding back on the cause of death but now that police are zeroing in on a suspect, those details are expected to be released this afternoon. drew levinson, cbs news, new haven, connecticut. >>> actor patrick swayze died of cancer yesterday at his home in los angeles. his wife of 34 years was by his side. in march of 2008, patrick swayze was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer and despite the illness he kept working. in a career that spanned almost 30 years he starred in over 30 movies and dozens of television shows. his most notable roles were in "dirty dancing "and "ghost." he was 57 years old. >>> more sad news, former white house press secretary jody powell died yesterday. he served as jimmy carters spokesperson between ' 77 and ' 81. jody powell was 65 years old. >>> plus, the fight to keep a popular tennis center in dc open. we'll explain when we come back in less than two minutes. >
Sep 25, 2009 9:00am EDT
. >> of msnbc, joining me and al. >> a fresh breeze. >> tamron filling in while natalie's on assignment. have you had fun this week? >> it's great. i love it. >> but it's still early. >> it's still early and i'm still waiting to file a report. >> are you? okay, it's all right. >> it's with human resources. >> personnel, exactly. meanwhile, we're going house hunting in this half hour. >> that's right. barbara corcoran is here to give us an idea of what you can get for $500,000 or less. in fact, in some cases, much less than that. >> that's a cute house. >> it is. new orleans, to the coast and the heartland of new york. >> also, we're talking to ken burns, an emmy award-winning filmmaker. he is trying to remind us of how beautiful this country is, with our national parks and how we should appreciate them. instead of going to a movie, get the family together and witness one of these beautiful natural landmarks in our country. i shouldn't compare it to movies, because that's a lame comparison, but my point is, with the family, you can do so much that's free. >> actually, it's a good comparison. t
Sep 7, 2009 9:00am EDT
. let's head back outside to natalie and lester. >> that's matt lauer's glove, we were saying. he tried it on. >> glad you explained that. >>> we want to get another check of the weather. al's off, stephanie abrams from the weather channel is good enough to be with us today. >> good morning. i found the birthday section on the plaza today. we have a 4-year-old here, a sweet 16. we have these girls turning 9 and this one was born labor day 1990 -- this one, too! lots of birthdays here. let's have a look at the forecast for the day today. where are we going to see messy weather? we'll see showers from the great lakes back towards the gulf coast. otherwise, the sun will be >> your forecast today for gfs you mostly cloudy skies given in contrast to the picturesque conditions we've had. easterly winds, high 76, slight chance of showers >>> joy bauer, you get a ton of questions every week. >> that makes me very excited about this ongoing series. i really want to encourage people to send in your questions because we're going to be grabbing a handful every week or so and answering them on the a
Sep 4, 2009 12:05am EDT
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